What happens to my complaint?

The name of the originator of the complaint and a valid e-mail address are sufficient for registration. It is not essential to supply the address of residence. In cases of child sexual abuse material, complaints can also be made anonymously.

The staff of the hotline of the FSM examines each case on its merits. They investigate whether there is an infringement of the provisions for protection of minors in the media.

It depends upon what kind of content is concerned. Content involving child sexual abuse material, after brief inspection, is referred immediately to our contact in the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Further steps will then be initiated at this level. We do not receive any information about the outcome of the procedure. If other content is involved, which contravene the requirements for protection of minors in the media, we will inform the provider about the infringement. We give them the opportunity to remedy the complaint themselves. If the complaint is not remedied, we convene the Complaints Committee or refer the complaint to the responsible body (e.g. the media regulatory body of the responsible federal state in Germany). Here, the complaint will again be investigated. If we receive complaints against members of the FSM, the matter will always be referred to the Complaints Committee if the Hotline is convinced that there actually is an infringement and the company is not ready to change that content accordingly or if the case has been brought up by the Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM).

On completion of the complaint procedure, the data of the person making the complaint is rendered anonymous, that is, all personal information is deleted.

No. We supply the reported URL to the BKA and in doing so we do not mention names, IP-addresses or other information of originator of the complaint.