Whether pornography, depictions of violence or hate speech: children and young people can come across problematic and possibly illegal content on the internet.

With the support of the German police, but also many international partners, the Hotline of the FSM ensures that illegal content quickly disappears.

You can help too. If you come across such content, report it to us using this form. Our legal team examines each case on its merits and will take appropriate action if the complaint is justified.


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I would like to report content:

    If it is not possible to specify the URL, please describe how the content can be found under "Reason for complaint".
    In the case of references to depictions of abuse ("child or youth pornography"), you do not need to provide your email-adress.
    In the case of references to depictions of abuse ("child or youth pornography"), you do not need to provide your name.

    Important note: In the case of data that is clearly incorrect or incomplete, we expressly reserve the right not to process your complaint (exception: complaints dealing with content involving child pornography will be dealt with even if they contain no information other than the place where the content was found). Please therefore make sure that the data you provide is correct. In case you want to complain against the formal hotline procedure please use the escalation email address be­schwerdestellenleiter@fsm.de.

    “Each report of the complainants is an important contribution combating illegal and harmful content online.”

    Martin Drechsler, FSM Managing Director

    Martin Drechsler

    Important information about your complaint

    We cannot process your complaint if your personal details are obviously incorrect or incomplete. Your name and a valid e-mail address are sufficient. In cases of child sexual abuse material, complaints can also be made anonymously. You can optionally provide your email address, so that we can contact you in the event of further questions.

    We treat your personal data confidentially and only pass it on to third parties if this is legally permissible, e.g. if we are obliged to do so by law or if we have the corresponding consent. If, for example, cases are passed on to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), we only transmit the reported URL and do not mention any names, IP addresses or other data of the originator of the complaint. Personal data is processed electronically and deleted after the end of a complaint procedure. Further details can be found in the data privacy statement.

    The following online content is illegal and can be reported:

    • sexual abuse material of children and young people (including drawings or texts)
    • animal or violent pornography
    • sexualised child und teenage posing
    • glorifying, trivialising or inhumane depictions of violence
    • inciting and war-glorifying depictions, propaganda material of unconstitutional organisations
    • indexed content (included in the list of media harmful to minors)
    • other illegal content or content harmful to minors which is made accessible without legally prescribed protective measures

    We are not responsible for the following topics and content:

    • Insults
    • fraudulent websites of e.g. online shops
    • violations of personal rights
    • login problems
    • administration of user accounts
    • questions about mobile phone contracts and bills

    Yes. The FSM is part of the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE) – a worldwide network of hotlines to combat Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). Despite different international regulations on content relevant to the protection of minors, there is a broad consensus worldwide on the prohibition of CSAM. If the FSM receives complaints about CSAM that is hosted abroad, then we pass on the relevant information to the responsible international cooperation partner and the BKA.

    The staff of the hotline of the FSM examines each complaint individually and first determines whether there has been a violation of youth media protection regulations. In this case, various measures can be initiated. Once a procedure has been completed, we can inform the complainant in most cases. In some cases, the FSM convenes an independent decision-making body, the FSM Complaints Committee. Then it may take a little longer for you to hear back from us.

    It depends upon what kind of content is concerned:

    • Child sexual abuse material: Immediately report to our contact persons at the BKA. Further steps will be taken there. We will not receive any feedback on the outcome of the proceedings.
    • Violation of other youth media protection regulations: We inform the provider about the infringement and give them the opportunity to remedy the complaint themselves. If the provider does not react, we convene the Complaints Committee or refer the complaint to the responsible body (e.g. media regulatory body of the responsible state in Germany). Here the complaint will be examined again.
    • Complaints against members of the FSM: The Complaints Committee is convened if members don’t remedy the complaint themselves in justified cases or if the KJM has reported the infringement to the hotline of the FSM.