Online youth protection is an issue for companies

The FSM ensures legal certainty
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Online youth protection
as a social duty

Problematic content on the Internet
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Commitment to the
protection of minors

The FSM as an established partner
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Promoting media literacy with ideas and impulses

Using digital media confidently
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Consulting an external expert committee
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Press Release

Historic high

FSM Hotline handles over 14,000 reports
In 2021, the FSM hotline received 14,205 reports of illegal online content or content harmful to minors. According to FSM Managing Director Martin Drechsler this historic high shows the central position of the FSM hotline in the fight against illegal online content.

Job advertisement

Employee in the area of media education

Exciting work in a non-profit association
We are looking for a colleague to join us as soon as possible in the area of media literacy and our diverse projects to educate and promote media literacy among children, young people, parents and teachers.


Information and manipulation on the net

At the Generation Dialogue on 5 April 2022 at the Telefónica BASECAMP, young and old discussed how to recognise disinformation and political propaganda and deal with it confidently. Experts from the FSM, SPD Secretary General Kevin Kühnert and journalist Anna Metzentin explained the background and gave insights into their work.


Together for a safer and better internet
Whether violent videos, hate speech or depictions of abuse: Content on the internet can be problematic or banned altogether. Report to us content that is harmful to minors or illegal! The team of the FSM hotline checks every report for a possible violation and initiates the necessary steps.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the FSM and what does it do? How do youth protection programmes work? How can parents guide their children in the safe use of digital media? Find answers to these and other questions.

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Expert Knowledge

Legal foundations, institutions, organizations and supervisory bodies: Learn more about basics and details regarding the youth media protection.

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„As a self-regulatory body, the FSM always acts independently as an interface between providers, users and state regulation.“

Martin Drechsler, Managing Director FSM e.V.

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