The FSM is involved in numerous projects and is cooperating in many ways with institutions that engage in online protection of minors.

Likewise, members and employees of the FSM participate in numerous national committees and initiatives to discuss contemporary youth media protection and media literacy education.


The Hotline of the FSM is part of and founding member of the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE) – worldwide network of Internet hotlines for combating illegal content on the Internet, particularly depictions of child abuse.

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Internet hotline

The Internet hotline was set up in 2004 by the FSM and the Association of the Internet Industry (eco) as a way of ensuring a common complaints facility on the Internet. The aim of the Internet service is to offer Internet users a contact point that can be used for complaints about content associated with a wide range of online services that is relevant for youth protection purposes.

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Safer Internet DE

Under the “” umbrella, the Internet hotline is linked in a network with its partners klicksafe, and the children’s and adolescents’ emergency phone line “Nummer gegen Kummer” (Number against distress). Within the framework of the Safer Internet DE network, the FSM Hotline is co-funded by the European Union.

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Deutschland sicher im Netz (DsIN)

The incorporated association “Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V” offers comprehensive information in a wide range of topics encouraging consumers to use digital media safely and self-confidently. The FSM is a founding and board member of DsiN.

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Global Online Safety Regulators Network

The Global Online Safety Regulators Network promotes international collaboration between national online safety regulators. It supports harmonised or coordinated approaches to online safety issues in order to avoid fragmentation of online safety legislation, governance arrangements and online safety measures. The FSM is represented in the network as an observer organisation.

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No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM)

The No Hate Speech Movement in Germany focuses the collective energy of everyone who gets involved against online smear campaigns. The FSM is a member of the National Campaign Committee which accompanies and advises the No Hate Speech movement. A broad alliance from civil society, politics and management is brought together in the committee.

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fragFINN e.V.

fragFINN e. V. is a non-profit registered association and provides a protected surfing space designed especially for children aged 6 to 12. Its child-friendly search engine will only find websites that are suitable for children, with content checked by media education specialists, and the search results prioritise children’s websites. The FSM is a member of the association.

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Media Smart e.V.

Media Smart is a non-profit and international educational initiative that promotes media literacy among children. The FSM is a member of the advisory board.

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Expert group “Children’s Rights in the Digital World”

Under the umbrella of the German Children’s Fund, the expert group “Children’s Rights in the Digital World” addresses current aspects of children’s rights on the internet. The FSM is a member of the expert group.

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GMK – Professional Association for Media Education, Media Literacy and Communication Culture

The GMK is a nationwide professional association for education, culture, and media. It stands for the advancement of media education and media literacy. The FSM is an institutional member.

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Youth media protection in detail

There is a great deal of content on the internet children and young people must be protected from. Youth protection programmes, age verification systems and other technical systems are suitable options.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the FSM and what does it do? How do youth protection programmes work? How can parents guide their children in the safe use of digital media? Find answers to these and other questions.

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