Children and adolescents want to – and should – explore the Internet and the wide-ranging opportunities it presents, using them for their intended purpose. Whether looking for entertainment, obtaining information or communicating, for them it is by now a familiar medium, one they handle without fear and intuitively. Adolescents in particular seek fresh, adventurous experiences.

To encourage children and adolescents to be active in shaping their own media environment, which also involves criticising it and changing it, a sensible synergy is called for between promoting media literacy and media protection for children and adolescents. The main objective is to encourage young Internet users to explore the medium for themselves and participate in it. The risks involved can at least be minimised through youth media protection. However, these are no substitute for a constant exchange between children, adolescents, and parents or teachers. Supporting children and adolescents with a variety of projects, disseminating information about youth media protection and advising parents and teachers are the central planks of the FSM’s media education work.

Internet guide for parents

It goes without saying that children grow up with media. They also gather their impressions of the media, above all, in the family, for example, in watching television together or observing their parents on the laptop, tablet-PC and so on.

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