The founding members’ assembly of the FSM, at which the association’s founding articles were adopted, took place in Cologne/Bonn on 9 July 1997. Founding members of the FSM included the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV), the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ), the German Network Information Center e.G. (DeNIC), Deutsche Telekom AG and VAUNET – Verband Privater Medien (former VPRT). The FSM was registered as a non-profit association in the Bonn Register of Associations on 28 January 1998.

The membership structure consisted of regular and sponsoring members, from whose ranks the honorary board was elected. The first chairperson of the board of the FSM was Dr Detlev Müller-Using (Deutsche Telekom AG). The hotline too was established in the founding articles. In 1998 it was made up of four persons, most of them taken from the FSM membership.

In 2001, the full-time office was set up in Berlin, and Sabine Frank appointed Director. The place of business was moved to Berlin in 2000, and the FSM was entered into the Berlin Register of Associations on 16 October 2000. On 1 April 2003, the German Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV) came into force and with it, the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) was set up to provide supervision of television and the Internet. The FSM laid early the foundations for swift recognition by the KJM of the FSM as a voluntary self-regulation institution in the telemedia field. On 13 September 2005, the decision by the KJM to recognise the FSM duly followed. On 11 October 2005, the FSM was recognised by the Media Authority of Berlin-Brandenburg as a voluntary self-regulation institution.

In 2003, the honorary Complaints Committee was set up to complement the hotline, which was by now active full-time. At the end of 2003, the members’ assembly passed a resolution reorienting the FSM, transforming it from an association of associations into an association of companies. Since then, the number of member companies has risen steadily, and the FSM now represents the interests of around 50 members.

You can find the Association Documents here.