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Voluntary Commitments of business

Mobile communications

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Mobile communications

In 2007, the FSM together with the mobile communications companies Debitel, E-Plus, Mobilcom, O2, Talkline, T-Mobile and Vodafone adopted a set of voluntary obligations. With the rapidly developing technology complex media services and Internet access are possible meanwhile also on mobile end-devices.

The measures included in the voluntary agreement are:

  • a single, free youth protection hotline under 22988
  • online advice for parents and teachers over an information website (www.jugend-und-handy.de)
  • information for parents when concluding a contract on themes of relevance to youth protection
  • optimizing the online information of the companies
  • optional barring of the Internet

The voluntary agreement was evaluated in the Spring of  2012  by the office of the FSM with the conclusion that all measures were being applied to their full extent by the members. Mobile communications providers already signed a code of conduct in 2005, which was put into practice under the auspices of the FSM.