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Voluntary Commitments of business


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Code of conduct for chat providers

On account of the increasing use of chat services by children and young people the topic is of importance for the field of youth protection in the media. In recognition of this responsibility, the commercial chat providers within the FSM have adopted a voluntary Code of Conduct for Chat with the aim of improving protection of children and young people in the use of chat services in Germany.

The code of conduct was signed by the companies Knuddels, Lycos Europe, RTL interactive and Super RTL in November 2007.

Provisions of the Code of Conduct:

  • obligatory presence of moderators,
  • alarm and ignore function,
  • employment of a jointly maintained Bad Word List,
  • keeping available child-friendly information on appropriate and sensible conduct in chatting
  • penalties for breaking the rules
  • age verification of the chat participants

The voluntary agreement was evaluated in Dezember of  2008 by the office of the FSM with the conclusion that all measures were being applied to their full extent by the members.